DC/DC converter for low-voltage track systems

  • DALI Standard DT6 or Tunable White DT8
  • PCB dimension: 125x14x10mm
  • Ultra-slim size design suitable for low-voltage Stucchi track systems or similar
  • DC 24V input, max. output power 16W,
    DC 48V input, max. output power 32W
  • One (DT6) or two (DT8) channels 100-700mA constant current output, dip switch to select multi-operation current
  • Deep and smooth dimming to 0.1%, flicker free
  • Compliant with IEC 62386-101:2014, IEC 62386-102:2014, IEC 62386-207 Ed2, IEC 62386-209:2011
  • Built-in DALI-2 interface
  • DALI DT8 device to control Warm White and Cool White output by single DALI address
  • Dimming and color temperature adjustment
  • Compatible with DALI masters that support DT8 commands
  • Configuration via DALI master USB interface
  • Waterproof grade: IP20
  • 5 years warranty

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Additional information

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