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About Us

In 2018 Universal Science Italy created a new brand, RED – Integrating Lighting Technologies, mainly getting into the needs of the customer and adapting to the new demands of the market.

RED was born with a view to being more recognisable and easily identifiable and to have more contact point with foreign commercial networks.


What We Do

Built Up With US

RED identifies both our LED modules production and our kits, which are proposed as standard and easy to use solutions for all who need to make simple tests, and then to come to possible customizations.

This offer type makes the customer possible to quickly mockup, taking advantage of the fact that products we place on market are mechanically compatible with the other manufacturers ones, ensuring the maximum flexibility.


Universal Science Italia

From 2007 the company guarantees a great experience in electronic assemblying, thermal analysing and system designing. The work of Universal Science Italy designers completely covers the world of LED lighting, from the aesthetic proposals to the functional definition of a final product. This activity goes with the design and production of LED modules (RED) and the sale and development of LED optics, thermal interfaces and LED drivers.

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